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We Offer 40 Years of Experience In The Water Technology Market

Consulting Services

We offer process consulting for the water and wastewater challenges others can’t solve – coming up with creative business solutions for your company.

Competitor Intelligence

Our team gathers, analyzes, and distributes intelligence of your competitors to gather proper data and help with strategic decision making.

Technology Assesment

With our decades of experience, we are able to evaluate your new water technology early in its development to help with tactical and strategic planning.

Expert witness

 Litigation is the last choice. We can advise on legal issues dealing with water quality safety, effluent compliance, an membrane technology performance. Contact us if you require expert witness services.

Commercialize Your Product

When you are ready to move forward with commercializing your products our team of experts will be there to help you every step of the way in helping your product succeed. 

Content Marketing

From marketing to networking, we are dedicated to helping your up-and-coming water-quality business and its innovative water-treatment technologies thrive.

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Venture Capital

 Is this the start up technology that will increase in value over time? Is is a game changer? We can help with the technology assessment.

About Us

Partnering with our clients to develop, launch, and market new and innovative water-treatment technologies, as well as navigate the ever-changing water-technology industry, we are able to help up-and-coming water-quality businesses thrive.

We are the professionals who do it better for a fair price. When it comes to consulting, we offer comprehensive solutions, from engineering to business management. We are extremely committed to our clients and our promise to you is to always be clear and direct, because we wholeheartedly believe transparent communication reaps the best results.

Who we serve

We have dedicated our careers to helping water companies succeed. With more than 40 years of experience, we understand the unique business climate and the needs of businesses in the water industry. We proudly serve a wide range of water companies, ranging from new startups to established businesses. Working as a partner with our clients, we help develop, launch, and market inventive water-treatment technologies in both domestic and international applications.

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