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Dr. Wachinski is a recognized technical expert with 40 years of experience in the process treatment technology for produced water, industrial water and wastewater, municipal water and wastewater, and seawater desalination. He’s worked in government, academia, and private industry as a professional engineer, consultant, associate professor of civil engineering, principle research investigator, expert witness, and technical director. He has experience in research and development program and project management, new product development, technology acquisition, and transfer, and water product certification and verification. He holds numerous patents, has authored over 50 professional papers, and seven books. He’s given numerous technical presentations in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Partnering with our clients to develop, launch, and market new and innovative water-treatment technologies, as well as navigate the ever-changing water-technology industry, we are able to help up-and-coming water-quality businesses thrive. At Wisewater Global, we help expedite the launch of new water technology in the United States. We have extensive experience in the water-technology industry, in water product consulting, and water technical marketing. With more than four decades of experience, we have unique insight into what works and what doesn’t. Using this knowledge, we are able to help you get your business up and running the right way. Assisting you every step of the way, our team will first work with you to find your market. We can help you get your testing set up quickly so we can move on to scheduling your first commercial installation as soon as possible. To break into the American market, third-party testing may be necessary.

Always upfront and honest, we will look out for you and have your back throughout this journey. All good businesses are built on relationships, and ours is no exception. Offering excellent customer service is important to us because, above all, we want to see you and your business do well.

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