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Our Services

Passionate about helping businesses thrive, we offer process consulting for the water and wastewater challenges that others can’t solve. Because we have experience, not only in the water industry, but in engineering, we are able to come up with creative business solutions for your company. Although guidance and consultation regarding the proper methods for your water business are necessary, hiring a consultant in-house or outsourcing to an engineering firm can be expensive and often ineffective. We are the professionals who do it better for a fair price. When it comes to consulting, we offer comprehensive solutions, from engineering to business management. We are extremely committed to our clients and our promise to you is to always be clear and direct, because we wholeheartedly believe transparent communication reaps the best results.

We currently offer solutions for the following:

  • Recycle/reuse municipal and industrial wastewaters
  • Produced water/hydraulic fracturing
  • Desalination pretreatment
  • Mining water treatment and reconstitution
  • Negotiations with federal and state regulators
  • Technology acquisition and transfer
  • Global negotiations of troubled technologies
  • Lawsuit avoidance

Get in touch with us now with any questions or feedback regarding our services. We would be happy to speak with you about how we can help your water business succeed.

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